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Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper
(£3,109.52 funds raised)
From his wife;

Andrew would be the first to admit that he wasn’t exactly a keen sportsman, aside from a little rugby at school I don’t think he played in a match in the whole of his grown up life. Although this is so, he was always one for running up and down hills, keeping fit, and waiting for the next adventure. Andrew spent many a session in the police gym, trying not always successfully to burn off the kebabs eaten on shift. In some of the last weeks of Andrews life his passion for fitness and health had increased. He loved to set himself challenges and improve himself. beating his personal bests, lifting weights and doing meal prep in the kitchen. Ironically I think he was in the best shape he had been in for a number of years when he died.

If one thing is true of my lovely man it is that he was well and truly a team player. Never one to shy away from leadership but always willing to take a step back and let others thrive too. I really believe that as well as making sure justice is served, One of Andrews favourite things about his job was the camaraderie of working alongside his colleagues and friends.

The support that we continue to receive from the police family since we lost Andrew has been incredible. I can’t thank you all enough for your overwhelming support at a time that continues to be so very hard. The COPS charity that the money from this event will go to help is very important and a truly noble cause. I know this charity has helped so many people in this dreadful position, so you should all be so proud of yourselves for taking the time for this match and for all of the donations. Although I have not even met most of you, I know I am proud of you all the same.