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The Jam-Bus is an amazing thing and was introduced to our school in 2016. Ed Sheeran helped us kick the project off with a generous initial donation which bought the Bendy Bus that our specialist music space is now based in. Since then, with the help of the Pegasus Academy Trust, we have been converting it into the space we use today for all musical class lessons and extra curricular activities. The standard of the children's playing since it has been introduced has increased dramatically and so far is a great success.

However, there are some elements of the Bus that need addressing so that the space can be used throughout the year without issues.
For instance it is too cold in the winter, and far too hot in the summer, meaning lessons can be disrupted due to the weather. We need a heating/AC system installed to make the bus comfortable all the way through the year.

In the original plans, the bus was surrounded by a Musical adventure playground which we would love to build, and also had a built in outdoor stage/patio area outside so that outdoor performances could be based out of it for the children of the school and local community to show off their new found musical skills.

There is still much to do, and we need your help to make it possible.