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Frequently Asked Questions


What experience do you have in the charity auction sector?

Our experienced management team have a combined experience of 75 years in the charity auction and event management marketplace.

We pride ourselves in delivering a first-class experience to each charity, the talent and their supporters wishing to purchase one of our unique items.

How does Good2Bid benefit from offering the auction service?

We have a transparent pricing structure to maximise the monies for each charity we work with.

The Good2Bid platform is provided completely free of charge for each and every talent and charity we work with.

We list the items, take the photographs, confirm authenticity and manage the payments, including postage and packing of each item for a percentage of the final sale price. This equates to around 20% and the final sale price, which includes all credit card charges too.

I work with a charity. How do I make use of Good2Bid?

The easiest thing to do is to email us at or use the Contact Us form and one of our team will be in touch.

What happens if I am outbid?

Our system will email you should you be outbid. To avoid disappointment, we urge you to bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay - there are no additional costs for you as a buyer.

Are there any additional or hidden charges?

None whatsoever. The winning bid is the price you pay. We will despatch the item for you within three days of receipt of your monies and the item will be sent by tracked delivery.

Should you require next-day delivery, please use the Contact Us form and we will do our very best to assist. Please note that in some case additional P&P may apply.

What are the benefits of using the Good2Bid platform?

Most fundraising efforts usually take place at a charity event where some 5-600 people may attend. With Good2Bid we open up the item to tens of thousands and have no geographical boundary restrictions.

Simply put, our website enables charities and talent to connect with supporters from all over the world 24/7. This ensures that the charity makes the most money possible for each item listed. It also highlights the work of the talent who has given up his or her time to support them, which in the vast amount of cases, goes unnoticed.

Are there any credit card charges?

None at all. No additional costs will be paid by the winning bidder.

How quickly do you post the item?

We will post within 72 hours of your winning bid payment being received.

Should you require next-day delivery, please use the Contact Us form and we will do our very best to assist. Please note that in some case additional P&P may apply.

Is my bid binding?

Yes. We clearly state that you must be in a position to pay for the item at the price you have entered. We ask you to confirm this before proceeding with your bid.

By bidding on an item and not fulfilling your contract we have the right to place you under a Default Notice that will have a significant impact on your ability to take on any credit accounts.

And of course, you are stopping us providing an item to a genuine fan or supporter that has the means to pay and provide funds to help a charity with the excellent work they do.

If you have made a bid but, for whatever reason, struggling to fulfil your commitment please get in touch with us via our Contact Form.


How do we know the authenticity of the item being offered?

With so many online auction sites this is something that we feel particularly strongly about. However, with Good2Bid you are buying an item that has been donated directly by the talent. We have images to support each item and direct contact with both the talent and charities to authenticate each and every item on the Good2Bid website.

What is my favourite talent or charity is not listed?

We’re working on it! Good2Bid has only recently come to market and we are working through the charities and talent who have contacted us.

If there is a certain influencer, celebrity, talent or charity that you would like to see on the Good2Bid charity auction platform, drop us a note on the Contact Us form.

Are the items unique to Good2Bid?

The items listed are in many cases totally unique to us and not available on other websites.

Why should a celebrity or influencer list an item?

For many reasons - and all of them relate around maximising their support of a chosen charity.

Many people give up their time to promote the work of a chosen charity and the publicity they generate enables charities to "spread the word" even further and engage an even wider audience.

Add to this the massive social media reach that influencers have across the various channels and you can quickly see that a charity might reach a few thousand with a tweet, a post or an image and this multiplied by hundreds of thousands.

By enabling fans to buy an item worn or a unique experience raises much-needed funds from an audience that, in the vast majority of cases, will not have been to an event hosted by the charity.