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Millichamp & Hall Cricket
Millichamp & Hall Cricket
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In October 1987 Julian Millichamp and Jonathan Hall sent 100 clefts of willow, their faces pressed and handles fitted, to Perth. There they found enough space on a workbench in an existing sports goods repair shop to shape the pressed and fitted clefts into bats using Julian's personal collection of antique tools; drawknives, spoke shaves, even a horses shin bone. The bats were sold directly to cricketers through Slater Gartrells sport shop in Midland, Perth. Millichamp and Hall were born.

The partners returned to the UK for the northern summer and started in the same modest fashion on a workbench in a backroom of Jonathan Hall's home in Somerset. Then with the Ashes tour of 1989 came a significant breakthrough for the company. Word of the quality of Millichamp and Hall bats spread to the Australian test squad and before the end of the tour 11 of the 16 tourists were using Millichamp and Hall bats, albeit disguised with the labels of their better known sponsors. In fact by 1990, 27 of the top 40 Deloittes rated batsmen were doing the same.

Remarkably, Millichamp and Hall never had to give away a single bat. Test players, most of whom hadn't bought a bat since they were twelve or thirteen, were digging into their own pockets to buy the best. This enviable international reputation still remains today.

And whilst Julian Millichamp and Jonathan Hall have now moved on, our mission remains the same as it was over 30 years ago; to get the very best performance out of each cleft of the finest English Willow as possible.