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What do we do?


Good2Bid is an online auction platform which helps charities maximise any endorsement or support from celebrities.

Think silent auctions at your charity dinner… then expand. Whereas most dinners have an audience of 5-600 our dedicated website can reach the hundreds of thousands of fans that celebrities have in their social media following.

This means that we do not take money away from the charity dinner but spread the word and the work of the charity by using these social media channels available.

Good2Bid provides the platform for charities to benefit from the public support given by celebrities. We take items donated by the celebrities and provide a unique bidding platform for fans to buy unique items or experiences that they previously would not be aware of or have a limited audience.

In addition, it also highlights the charity work of the celebrity – something that often goes unnoticed or reported. And because the mentions about the charity are made in the social media channels of the celebrity only those supportive of the celebrity will see the messages and the celebrity and the charity benefit from the positive sentiment which will follow.

Our dedicated charity website enables celebrities to provide items and/or “money can’t buy” experiences with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of return for their supported charity. On average 80% of the sale price reaches the charity with the remainder used to fund the platform and the marketing activity to promote the items.