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Why use Good2Bid?


Many charities enjoy celebrity endorsement. This endorsement enables charities to reach a wider audience, create enhanced PR, raise valuable funds and share the work of the charity to a wider audience.

However what rarely happens is that a charity can directly make the support of the celebrity in to fund raising – until now.

A dress worn at an event, tickets for a meet and greet, an instrument played on tour – in fact you name it and fans will bid for it!

If you are a charity all you need to do is seek these ‘unwanted’ items and place them on the Good2Bid website. Ask the celebrity to promote their involvement with your charity though their own social media channels such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snap and you can sit back as fans vie for these unique items.

Good2Bid administer all of the items and manage the process – taking the money through our secure online payment provider (Stripe) and fulfilling the items won in the auction.

28 days after the auction has ended and monies paid we transfer the amount paid to you less our administration and p&p charges.

Our processes are clear, honest and transparent – and brings charities, celebrities and supporters together.